Fat rat!

Fat rat!

Yesterday I weighed Ronnie and Derek by getting them to stand on digital kitchen scales. It took a few attempts, plus ‘Diva’ Derek got spooked by a noise that the scales made when I moved them across the floor, so he zoomed up my body and shot down my top for ‘safety’!

Derek weighed about 330g when he visited the vet in April, but had increased to 450g when I weighed him yesterday. Ronnie, who’s always been slightly heavier than Derek, came in at 470g. This is at the upper limits of what male pet rats should weigh (apparently 270g to 450g).

When rats are in their infancy, it’s advised to feed them well. However, now Ronnie and Derek are six months old and have just about reached adulthood, it’s probably time for them to go on a mini-diet to ensure they don’t get too heavy. I’m always careful not to overfeed them, but it looks like fewer treats and smaller portions of their nuggets will be necessary!

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