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Video: Blinded by Alec

♦ Video: Blinded by Alec
Alec’s developed a habit of jumping from my shoulder into the window blinds and then exploring the windowsill! Jack doesn’t look impressed here.

Video: Stairs

♦ Video: Stairs
Watch Jack and Alec getting some exercise by exploring the stairs.

Video: Clicking

♦ Video: Clicking
It didn’t take long for Jack and Alec to get used to what a clicking noise means!


♦ Cuc-Chuc
Ronnie and Derek have a tight regime when it comes to cucumbers, as evidenced by Derek in this video. He’ll only accept the juiciest bits of cucumber at first, leaving the skin of the cucumber to eat later on, a bit like a child not eating the crusts of a sandwich!


♦ Dishlick
This video shows Ronnie and Derek proving, once again, that rats can be great dishwashers!

Earn A Crust

♦ Earn A Crust
Watch Ronnie and Derek try and make the best of a crust from a baguette which I threw in their cage. They weren’t allowed more than a small nibble though as they want to retain their ‘slender’ physiques, but were very reluctant to let it go!

Part 2 will follow at a later date…

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